Natural Zeolite has the ability to transport blood sugar into the cells without the need of insulin. This makes it a great natural remedy that accompanies medication therapy for diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease we should take more seriously. The escalation of morbidity and the numerous complications make it one of the most widespread life-threatening diseases in the world. Fortunately, there is a great, completely natural way to alleviate the long-term effects of diabetes. Natural zeolite can help fight the disease by neutralizing nitrosamines, lowering blood sugar levels and stabilizing blood pH, allowing insulin to work more efficiently.

Zeolites are natural minerals with a unique crystalline structure found in the rock masses. Among them is clinoptilolite, which is distinguished by its incredible physical qualities. Bulgaria is privileged to possess the highest-quality zeolite in the world, found in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Numerous studies on the benefits of clinoptilolite prove that the mineral has an extremely beneficial effect on the digestive and excretory system, greatly enhances immunity and, most importantly, completely cleanses the body from all the toxins, free radicals and heavy metals.

Zeolite mineral rich in clinoptilolite can very well be used as an accompanying therapy in the treatment of diabetes. It has been shown that activated zeolite helps to transport blood sugar into the cells without the help of insulin. This normalizes the glucose level in the body.

Interesting is the experience of a team of Russian scientists led by Prof. Kolpakov from the National Center for Experimental and Complex Medicine at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk. After a series of studies on patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, they concluded that the use of zeolites supplements significantly improves blood circulation, both in the internal organs and in the lower limbs.

In addition, zeolite is associated with its neutralizing effect on nitrosamines in the digestive tract. This is important because it has recently become identified that nitrosamines are the cause of type 2 diabetes. They are often found in processed food products, especially in processed meat, cigarette smoke and beer.

Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled by a special diet and sometimes no additional medication is needed. It is in such cases that high-quality zeolite can be invaluable. It is recommended that the first use of zeolite be in the form of purified and activated powder or capsules (in people with sensitive taste buds).

Upon subsequent intake, the rotation of pure zeolite and zeolite combined with other immune modulators, such as herbs and cinnamon, is recommended.

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