What is the relationship between toxins and obesity? How to deal with those annoying extra pounds without suffering starvation and a strict regime? The answer lies in the complete cleansing of the body from the accumulated poisonous substances.

In recent years, the World Health Organization has repeatedly set out the direct link between obesity, toxins and cancer. A study by the Columbia University Institute of Public Health in New York shows that 95% of cases of cancer are caused by diet and environmental toxicity. When we realize that toxins are actually stored in body fat, the picture becomes even clearer.

The human body uses fat tissue as a place to store toxins away from blood, organs and muscles. In fact, body fat is becoming a store of accumulated poisons in an attempt by the body to "protect" itself from toxicity. The body maintains a certain level of fat and water to dilute the amount of toxins that can be released into the blood. The higher the toxicity level, the more fat and water the body accumulates.

The highly toxic system finds weight loss much harder, as the body seeks to protect itself from internal toxicity and accumulates fat for the purpose. Therefore, detoxification is an essential part of the pursuit of weight loss.

Natural zeolites are one of the few naturally occurring minerals with a negative charge. This negative charge is responsible for attracting and binding zeolite to toxins, heavy metals and even radioactive isotopes. Also, the three-dimensional structure of zeolite helps to keep the toxins and heavy metals in the zeolite cell until they are completely washed out.

These unique qualities cause zeolites to be considered powerful detoxifiers.

A specific type of zeolite, clinoptilolite, has a long-documented history in traditional medicine. Upon swallowing, clinoptilolite attracts and binds to heavy metals and toxins in the body. It moves through the body, attracting and catching the toxins until they are discharged safely through the urine.

Clinoptilolite has the strongest affinity for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and then mercury, followed by other positively charged heavy metals. In addition to removing these heavy metals and toxins, zeolite also cleans pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and body radiation.

And this has an incredibly good effect on the liver, which can then handle fat processing much more successfully.

Here's how to start a detox against the excess fat:

  1. Take zeolite powder or capsules every day according to the instructions.
  2. Minimize processed foods.
  3. Increase water intake to about 2 litres per day.
  4. Increase your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Add some exercises to your daily routine - do light aerobics and longer walks, try different types of sport. Nothing too arduous, it is important it gives you pleasure and energy.
  6. Spend more time in nature and breathe fresh air.