What is common between the zeolite minerals and the protection of the body from the harmful influences of the environment? How does manage to remove all toxins from the body and even neutralize radiation?

It is no secret that after the Chernobyl disaster tons of zeolite have been dispersed to purify the contaminated area around the nuclear plant. Zeolite minerals were also used in the recent accident at the Fukushima NPP. But how does zeolite take the pollutants out of the human body, including radioactive elements such as uranium and radon? The answer to this question brings the international recognition of zeolite as the mineral of the century: The World Organization of Scientists declares zeolite as the mineral of the 20th century.

Zeolites are silicate minerals with a micro porous structure, high in silica.

When they come into another environment, especially liquids, between their ions and those of the host environment, an active ion exchange takes place. This means that zeolite can be successfully used not only in purifying water or in treating nuclear waste, but also in purifying the human body. Placed in an aquatic environment, clinoptilolite, one of the zeolite types, eliminates all toxins, free radicals and heavy metals, including radioactive contamination.

The biological properties of natural zeolites have been found in interesting circumstances.

The northern peoples of Russia have watched how deer and other herbivores had been invading the so-called zeolite excavations in autumn and spring. In groups or individually, the animals hurried to these places and eagerly swallowed the mineral. Apparently something was missing in their systems and they have instinctively "corrected" their health in this "natural sanatorium". As a result of numerous studies of geologists, it was found that all animals were lithophaga. Lithophagy or eating stones is an integral part of their vital needs. This is a way to restore normal metabolism in the body.

The subsequent studies of this phenomenon have shown that zeolites are natural minerals with a unique structure formed over thousands of years. Under no environmental conditions, their crystalline structure is not destroyed, possessing a high absorption capacity. And their unique crystal lattice contains all the elements of the periodic table. Here it becomes clear why animals experience a desire to eat minerals – they need to cleanse the organism and thus maintain good level of trace elements necessary for their normal life activity.

Scientist get even more eager to discover why the intake of mineral in the form of dust or ionized water in humans affects many diseases.

The inhabitants of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, where the world's best natural zeolites are found, use zeolite-ionized water and do not know illnesses such as ulcers, gastritis, colitis, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. The prophylactic and healing effects of zeolite on blood pressure problems, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, even cancer, have been proven by a number of studies by scientists from around the world.

The fastest effect is achieved with a regular intake of micronized zeolite powder - insomnia, sweating, blood pressure problems and high blood sugar are the first to be resolved, and the long-term health benefit is truly amazing.

Regular prophylactic intake of zeolite is a key practice for:

  • complete detoxification of the body
  • prevention of diabetes, oncological, cardiovascular and hormonal diseases
  • normalizing mineral exchange in the body
  • supporting liver function and lowering total cholesterol
  • stabilising biochemical parameters
  • correcting stress levels
  • eliminating lactic acid from muscles and improving overall muscle tone
  • reducing weight and fatty deposits
  • dealing with multiple skin problems
  • overall improving of the immunity