Eco-Tech Ltd. / Zeo3act / is a dynamically developing company with more than 20 years of experience within the zeolite industry.

The main production program is related to processing of natural zeolite and manufacturing of health and beauty products based on natural zeolite. One of the best deposits of clinoptilolite in the world in Bulgarian Rhodopes Mountains and our unique ‘three-stage activation’ processing method allows us to offer cutting-edge products, made exclusively for intake and application by humans.

We have established a long-term cooperation with some of the biggest names in the medicine across Europe who have been successfully testing and applying our products for treatment and prevention of numerous health conditions such as diabetes, oncological and cardiovascular diseases, skin problems and allergies, as well as for improvement of the overall immunity of their patients.

Our vision is established on developing an advanced company that represents a reliable manufacturer and supplier of zeolite-based food supplements and beauty products that meet all European standards.