Zeo3-S Pure Natural Zeolite Filter 180g

100% Pure Natural Zeolite 97% Clinoptilolite
Packing: 12 filter bags x 15 g NET WT 180 g

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Product Description


100% natural modified Zeolite with content of the mineral Clinoptilolite. One of the characteristics of the mineral Clinoptilolite is to restructure (ionize) the water naturally.

Does not contain any artificial additives.


One of the main functions of Zeolite/ Clinoptilolite is to restructure water by adding positively charged ions in completely all-natural way. Regular use of zeolite-restructured water normalizes digestion processes, absorbs toxins, brings mineral exchange into cells to normal, boosts the immune system, and increases potency and endurance.

Zeolite-restructured water is excellent for detoxifying the body of toxins and heavy metals as it normalizes the body’s pH, regulates digestion and neutralizes free radicals, as well as radioactive substances.


Put one filter bag in 1,5 litres (50.7 oz) of water (low mineral, table or spring water) to stand for 6 to 8 hours and then drink the water regularly. One filter bag could be used for 15 litres of water, then it should be replaced by a new one. Possible cloudiness of the water at first use.

Keep in the original package in a dry and protected place.

This product is not intended for direct consumption!

PACKING: 12 filter bags x 15g each.

NET WT 180 g